starting at $60

  • Secure Remote Connection to your PC or Mac
  • 24/7 support
starting at $80

  • Expert tech support at your home or business
  • Support as soon as today

Frequently Asked Questions

TekDash provides our customers with two options for service; remote and on-site. With our remote access software our Tek's can securely connect to your Windows PC or Mac to help you! TekDash can provide remote services nationwide! You just need a good internet connection!

On-Site services are available for customers who want a technician at their home or business. These services are often provided when a job cannot be completed remotely or when you simple want more peace of mind!

  • Our technicians will contact you to start a remote service and connect to your Windows PC or Mac remotely with our remote software.

  • The technician will remotely support the service specicfically requested.  Any additional services outside the scope of the request will require you to request for a new service.

Pricing is based on the average time of the repair, which is 60 minutes; a buffer time of 30 minutes is also added. Any additional time is charged in 1 hour increments ($60/hour for on site services or $40/hour for remote services).

Once your repair is complete, you will be billed automatically to the card provided at checkout for any additional time.

The time of the repair begins when the technician arrives for on-site repairs or when the technican begins the call for remote services.