Inner workings of a computer hard drive during hard drive replacement

Hard Drive Replacement

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Is your computer having trouble starting? Are you receiving messages like "Boot Disk Not Found"? If so, you may need a hard drive replacement. Over time the hard disk in a computer can start to fail and eventually need to be replaced. Symptoms include strange sounds, frequent crashes, error messages and the infamous "Blue Screen of Death"!

TekDash is available for all of your hard drive needs! Our Teks will diagnose your system and recommend compatible drives*, assist with creating a backup**, help with purchasing a new drive, replace the drive in your computer or laptop, install the operating system/applications and transfer for your data***.

*Not all hard drives can be replaced.

**Backup only applicable when the original drive is still in working condition.

***Data Recovery Is Not Guaranteed

Services Include:
  • Remove your old hard drive
  • Setup new hard drive
  • Create a backup of your existing data, where applicable**
  • Demonstrate everything is operating properly
  • Assist with the purchase of a new drive
  • Install the operating system and applications
  • Transfer data to new hard disk***
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