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Got a new computer? Get started off on the right foot with the fastest, simplest, and most affordable expert computer setup service available. If you want top performance, rugged security, and effortless compatibility with all your computer accessories, then you need TekDash's on-demand new computer setup services.

New Computer Setup

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TekDash will...

Unbox and set up your computer operating system

Get your computer connected to your internet network

Transfer data and files from your old computer if necessary

Connect the computer to external devices, printers, etc.

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We know that a new computer is a big decision and a significant investment, which is why getting your machine set up properly is so important!

With TekDash, we work with you every step of the way, from unboxing to sending your first email on your new computer. Our Teks will not end the appointment until you are good and ready, with all the knowledge, tips, and tricks you need to use your computer like a pro.

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