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Finally upgraded your phone or tablet to the latest mobile device but none of your settings, apps, or contacts are set up? Perhaps you finally made the switch from your outdated flip phone into a shiny new smart phone? Nowadays, new phones are fully loaded with tons of upgraded features that can be challenging to learn and can give your head a total spin! New mobile devices are awesome and can even help boost productivity, but the pain of getting them set up can be frustrating and daunting. Configuring your device to work just how you want it to can be a time-consuming challenge. Let's be honest - we all just want our devices to work so we can get back to what matters to us the most instead of spending countless hours fiddling with settings on our phones.

Our expert technicians make your life easier, assisting with your new mobile device setup no matter what your challenges might be. Whether you want your apps back, to learn about new apps, move your contacts, transfer your photos, adjust the settings, set up your email, transfer your data, configure your wifi settings, or just learn how to use your new device, our technicians can help. Your personal technician will be able to get your new device working as you want it to and will be able to teach you all the bells and whistles. Soon, you will be working it like a pro!

Services Include:
  • Demonstrate basic functionality and usability
  • Set up one email account
  • Demonstrate basic settings of the device
  • Configure initial setup and connect the device to the internet
  • Demonstrate how to download and install apps
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